You want to live and work in a wonderful landscape in Western Crete, Greece?

Landscape architect / designer & Project manager and supervisor wanted

We are looking for a dedicated and independent LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT specialized in landscape design to expand our small team.

Are you motivated and want to live and work in a wonderful landscape in Western Crete, Greece?

Our small company is looking for a reliable colleague for our growing landscaping office, which is connected to our construction department (landscape construction business and plant nursery)

The following two positions are opnen:

  • Landscape Designer / Architect

The main area of responsibility is the drawing of landscaping concepts. Knowledge of plants should be acquired over time.

You should have a safe handling in the service phases 1-6 (1=basic evaluation; 2= preliminary planning; 3= master planning; 4= license planning; 5= detailed planning; 6=technical specifications), whereby service phase 4 is not that important for the job due to local laws. Experience in service phases 7-9 (7= participation in the awarding of contracts; 8= construction supervision; 9= Project management and documentation) is desirable, but can also be acquired or expanded with the position.

  • Project manager and construction supervision

The main areas of responsibility are site management and supervision. Appropriate and motivating interaction with the employees as well as independent and reliable work are prerequisites.

Experience in service phases 8-9 (8= construction supervision; 9= Project management and documentation).

What we are looking for;

You should have a safe handling in the service phases 1-6

Experience in service phases 7-9

Your commitment

The commitment is also important in terms of expanding knowledge about the plants to be used (mostly Mediterranean plants in general plus native plant species).

A good possibility for this is our in-house small plant nursery, which is under construction. For this, partial assistance in sales / advice to customers is desired.

Absolutely necessary

Confident handling of the common PC programs, car driver’s license, good spoken and written command of the English language. The permanent position is preceded by a six-month trial period.

We look forward to your application (CV, letter of application) to!

If there is a shortlist, an e-interview (Skype or similar) will take place beforehand.

Contact us by sending an email

Please include all your details and experience so far.

Ψάχνουμε μία/έναν αρχιτέκτονα μηχανικό ή Γεωπόνο

Θα προτιμηθεί η εξειδικεύση στην αρχιτεκτονική τοπίου

Η εταιρεία CHLOROPLASTES αναζητά

  1. έναν αξιόπιστο συνάδελφο που να χειρίζεται προγραμματα υπολογιστή όπως Autocad, Photoshop κλπ., γνώσεις στα μεσογειακά φυτά, άδεια οδήγησης αυτοκινήτου, καλή γνώση της αγγλικής γλώσσας.

  2. υπάλληλος επίβλεψης και διαχείρισης κατασκευών.

Η θέση είναι μόνιμη. Στείλτε μας βιογραφικό στο Συστατικές επιστολές (αν υπάρχουν).  Θα υπάρξει εμπιστευτικότητα και εχεμύθεια.

Τηλ. 6979.059689  / 6907.920371

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