Water pool garden in Crete

Terraced Water Garden

This garden combines a unique modern villa, with surrounding olive groves and great views to the sea. This garden is located inside olive groves not far away from the sea.

The modern villa with its beautiful idiosyncratic architecture stands on the top of the property. A big pool terrace and outdoor kitchen face the sea. The lower garden areas, once just a huge rubble slope, were constructed in different terraces to enhance the face of this special villa.

A water garden with a river stream, a small waterfall, and a pond creates a water feature in the garden (fancy pool – river stream – pond – sea) and creates a relaxing atmosphere with the sound of running water.

Customer Appreciation

Chloroplastes has made our property to an amazing place to be. Their services are excellent and they are looking after our garden in a very proper way.

Romance in your Crete garden

There is also another special feature in this garden: The “Romantic Pathway”. It is a long pergola arced pathway planted with vines and glycinia and draws the visitor into the garden. The long entrance road was planted with architectural column cypresses and a hedge of Tulbaghia lilies.

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