Chloroplastes Puts You First

Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority. We keep you involved in the process - making sure that all our work meets your expectations.

A Quality Landscaping Company in Crete

Chloroplastes wants to make sure that we create the perfect design for you right from the start. We’ll meet with you at your location, listen to you and follow up with a plan that will get you the look you are trying to achieve.

Our aim is to provide to you an outstanding customer service that delivers to you all your outside space needs in a hassle free professional manner using all our expertise allow us to “Green your life”! Chloroplastes Company is at your side for any kind of free space or specific outdoor problem.

We can even photograph your location and create a computer generated design of what the finished project is going to look like.

We Design, Plant and Build;

  • private gardens,
  • luxury gardens,
  • hotel gardens,
  • public green spaces as city squares,
  • roof gardens,
  • Pergolas,
  • Walls,
  • water gardens with springs,
  • natural pools,
  • Streams,
  • irrigation systems,
  • soil works …and everything that is needed for outdoor spaces

It All Starts With A Design

We always start our projects with having a detailed discussion of your desired outcomes for your outside areas. We listen and document your expectations to ensure we can begin to plan your dream garden at the same time we are able to assess the size area and position of your land.

Based on the size of your garden and your requirements we will design the preliminary draft which normally contains two to three alternatives. Our ideas are supported by photos, perspectives and/or sketches.

We can make you a concrete offer

On the basis of these preliminary drafts it is your choice to decide what should be worked out. Thereupon we design the final plan as well as a cultivation plan that names the plant species, their positions in your garden and the quantities. In this phase we can make you a concrete offer of how much the construction of your garden will cost exactly.

When everything is coherent, we can start with the implementation of the plan. The final plan that is agreed with you will be monitored one-to-one at every stage of the plan we will keep you informed to ensure everything will go smoothly as we give all our projects from the first sketch to the completion of the garden customer up dates. The result will be a dreamlike garden that corresponds to your visions and wishes.

It’s Time To Build, Construction Starts

Construction is supervised by an engineer

Based on the professional planning we go on with the construction. Depending on the size of the project the construction is divided in different sections and sequences

Planting a tree

We keep you informed

In more complicated cases detailed implementation plans are worked on and the construction is supervised by an engineer. We also work together with other specialists as topographers, architects or specialised workers.

Our clients are kept up to date by photo documentation and reports by email until the completion of the project.
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Every Garden Needs Maintenance

We also would like to offer you further maintenance of your garden after the professional completion. So you can be sure of the growth of the plants and your garden will stand up to your visions after the completion.

You are on holidays

Of course we also offer you all procedures (planning, completion and maintenance) separately by request, e.g. if you are on holiday or a long time away from home, we gladly take over the gardening for you.

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Benefits of hiring a garden service;

  • No more costly gardening mistakes such as over fertilizing, pruning too low, mowing too low, pulling out flowers, etc.

  • Little disruption to your privacy and home time as those in the know get the job done without fuss.

  • No wasted time or money on a helper that needs constant direction and who waits around for the next instruction.

  • Proactive preparation for the season‘s garden challenges preventing expensive damage.

  • Knowledge of plant varieties and growth ensures correct handling of the plants to ensure maximum enjoyment.


You like to have a new garden, or one that needs maintenance?

Click the button below and tell us about it. We love working with enthusiastic clients who are passionate about their garden. If that sound like you, we should talk.

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