Coastal Garden in Crete overview

Coastal Garden Estate Project

This outstanding huge plot of about 10’000m2 is situated directly at the shore. Almost half of the plot are clean garden areas! Heavy winter storms and intensive salt spray make gardening to a challenge. Furthermore the surrounding coastal landscape becomes one with the garden. Consequently Mediterranean and local plants that stand the local climate conditions and fit inside the natural environment were selected.

The highlight of such a special Mediterranean garden is spring time when everything is in fresh green and beautiful blossom. During the summer most Mediterranean plants lose their blossoms, the colors become less intensive and more pastel. Lots of them go in summer dormancy. With the first autumn rains and lower temperatures the garden starts growing and being “fresh” again.

Mediterranean gardening and usage of Mediterranean plants means water wise and environmental friendly gardening. You create a garden that changes during the seasons and therewith creates different atmospheres throughout the year.

Nevertheless some garden areas stand for their own as the “Tropical garden” nearby the guest house. Huge mature palm trees and sago palms where brought in.

Summer flowering shrubs and ground covers were added to give extra color in summer.

Customer Appreciation

“We were impressed by the team from the beginning. From the very start they gave valuable input towards our wishes. We received different drawings to choose from. The work was completed well in time and within budget.

We highly recommend this company.”

Gardening in Crete is all about experience

There is the “Coastal Garden” that is just at the shore. Heavy storms and intensive salt spray are the most difficult impacts in that garden area. The “Cretan Slope” which is a steep slope was planted with local bushes for stabilisation. Huge rocks were placed with a crane additionally. A special selection of Mediterranean herbs grow along the pathway and the upper terrace of the guest house.

A “Green-White-Garden” connects the main villa with the Coastal Garden. The garden at the big pool at the villa, the “Pool Garden” is planted with low maintenance requiring Mediterranean lawn. It needs much less water, no chemicals nor fertilisers! Moreover this soft green carpet fits in the natural surrounding environment..

There is a “Rockery garden” at the BBQ at the villa. Cushion plants are growing between huge rocks that hold the soil of this steep sloped plant bed.

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