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Hi! We are Stelios Kyparissis and Annika Kyparissi, two individuals with a passion for gardening – gardening makes us happy. We truly believe that owning and working in a wonderful garden gives life more pleasant. Good design and good relationships come from collaboration. We’re excited to start a visual dialogue, learn about you, and make something beautiful together.

Please allow us to take some of your time and explain to you how we work with you…our customer.

About - The Team

Stelios Kyparissis Chloroplastes

Stelios Kyparissis


Annika Kyparissi


Landscaping Company certification Greece: EL101882411 (international tax Id number)

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Asterios Kyparissis
BSc Forestry and Natural Envirnment Management
& MSc Envirnment Science


Asterios Kyparissis
BSc and MSc – Proprietor Chloroplastes
Born in September 1977, Thessaloniki Greece

Industry Licenses and Certifications

1999: Graduate of the Department of forestry: Bachelor of Science Forestry at the Technological Educational Institute of Kavala in Greece. First-class mark for BSc dissertation.
2002: Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry Ecology and Management at the University of Edinburgh, UK.
2003: Researcher in environmental NGO ‘Olympos’ with cooperation of M.A.I.X., Greece.
2004: MASTER in Environment, Sciences and Society (Merit) at the University of Essex in the UK.

1997 – 1999: Several practical experiences and projects as:

  • Environmental Education program for primary school children in mountains of Rodopi, Prefecture of Drama, Greece
  • Practical course at the Forestry Commission of Prefecture of Drama, Greece
  • 8th Greek Forest Convention in Αlexandroupoli, Greece
  • Professor’s assistant for NATURA 2000, Greece

2002 – 2005:

  • Students job as gardener in the UK
  • Researcher in the NGO ‘Archipelagos Aigaiou’ for the environment, Arkoi island, Greece

2006 – 2008:

  • PhD researcher in the University of the Aegean Department of Environmental Studies and forester in the Forestry Commission of Lesbos Island, Greece
  • 10th International Conference on Environmental Sciences and Technology in Patra, Greece
  • ALTER-Net Summer School. Biodiversity and ecosystem services: Ecological and socio-economic aspects in Peyresq, France
  • Work experience as Horticulturalist & Gardener in the Bodensee region (Lake Constance), Germany. 

November 2008: Establishment of Chloroplastes

Chloroplastes Logo

Annika Kyparissi
Landscape Architect (Diplom Ingenieur FH) Chamber of Architects Düsseldorf (AKNW)


Annika Kyparissi
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Landscape architect & Environmental Planner
Born in December 1982, Gütersloh (Germany)

2002 – 2005: > 1-year practical experience in gardening and horticulture as well as in environmental planning & landscape architecture:

  • ´Sterngarten` – Water gardens-World, Gütersloh, Germany;
  • Landscape architecture office ´Lutermann`, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
  • Nature preserve Biological Station Senne, Gütersloh / Bielefeld e.V., Germany
  • NGO ‘Archipelagos Aigaiou’ – Institute of Marine Conservation, Arkoi & Ikaria, Greece

2006: Avifauna research and Diploma Thesis, University of Applied Sciences Höxter, Germany & University of the Aegean, Lesbos island

2007: Graduation of Diploma Engineer in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (University of Applied Sciences Höxter, Germany).
Special Prize of the Year of the town Höxter for the best Diploma in 2007

04/2007 – 10/2008: Planstatt Senner – Landscape Architecture | Environmental Planning | Urban Planning, Überlingen (am Bodensee)

Project director of different projects as:

  • Architectural competition ´Europaplatz Fasanenhof Stuttgart`
    1st Prize in the city planning – architecture – landscape architecture in  Construction assignment
  • Location analysis for the town Überlingen at the Lake Constance
  • Municipal land-use plan and realignment landscape plan of the town Tengen
  • Realignment of the municipal land-use plan of the town Meßkirch
  • Binding land-use plan of the mixed-use and commercial zone in Watterdingen
  • Urban development concept for the town Meßkirch
  • Free-space planning concept for the historical garden of the castle Meßkirch
  • Free-space planning for the Expo in Shanghai
  • several urban green space plans for residential areas, mixed-use areas and industrial areas
  • Several development plans, land use and zoning plans, as well as environmental impact assessments and EU directives


It is our goal to build your garden with passion, commitment and provide excellent service afterwards.Not sometimes, but always, in every situation with every customer.


At Chloroplastes we offer a first class service in planning and building your ultimate garden.


We support sustainable and safe methods of gardening that reduce environmental degradation and maintain the productivity of the land over time.

We Are The Creators Of The Green

For Chloroplastes Company landscaping is more than constructing a garden or improving the ground. We believe that each project has its individual spirit and task to create something special.

As the “creators of the green” (Chloro=green, life / Plastes=creators) we focus especially on the environment. The protection of the nature and the implementation (/consideration) of the surrounding environment is our highest priority. So it is with the right choice of plant species. The plants we choose are best adapted to the local conditions in the Mediterranean climate.

We choose plants for heat and the dry climate on Crete.

Chloroplastes even offers best modern irrigation techniques for lawns or we have interesting alternatives for a Mediterranean dry garden.

Maybe your garden is nearby the sea, or in the higher mountains

Chloroplastes Company creates / scapes natural gardens, green spaces, Mediterranean gardens, but also exotic gardens or flower gardens. Maybe your garden is nearby the sea or at the beach? So you need a sea garden with special salt tolerant plants. Is your garden in the higher mountains? Then Chloroplastes will create a mountain garden with frost tolerant plants. 

With Chloroplastes Company you found your professional partner scaping your piece of land! Located in Kalyves-Tsivaras Apokoronas – Gardening on Crete (or even outside of Crete if you are interested in us!).

“A Garden is a Luxury you need, because it is the balm for your soul” (Johann Senner)

We Offer Environmental Studies

We are not only specialised in landscape architecture and the creation of free spaces, but also in environmental planning.

We offer environmental studies for protected areas by national and European law (e.g. FFH directive and Bird Protection Directive) as well as for all impacts into the landscape or nature (e.g. from roads, building sites etc.).

We are a professional team with a vocational education and many years of practical experience in the field of landscape architecture and gardening.

Environmental studies in Crete

We listen and document your expectations

We always start our projects with having a detailed discussion of your desired outcomes for your outside areas. We listen and document your expectations to ensure we can begin to plan your dream garden.


Why Choose Us

Chloroplastes is a certified organisation, operated by highly trained experts. We are not only landscapers, Chloroplastes is a leader in its field where it comes to environmental protection.

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Knowledge means efficient working.

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Our excellent skills are at your disposal.

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A clean working company reveals quality.

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We treat your garden as one of our own.

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