Private garden in Crete

Forest Garden Xirosterni in Crete

BASICS: A huge plot, in the middle of a natural cypress forest, was created as a forest garden with different garden areas and rare plant species. This garden is located in the middle of a natural cypress forest in Crete. While there are not only cypress trees around, there are also relics of local Mediterranean evergreen broadleaf forests. The entire property has a size of about 7.300 m2 while only 3.500m2 is used as a garden.

BLEND IN WITH NATURE: While there are garden areas with “normal” garden plants and even tropical species nearby the pool, the majority of the plants used are local Mediterranean (from the Mediterranean region, from Greece and even endemics from Crete). There are 22 garden areas, some merge into each other, others stand alone and are separated by higher trees or bushes.

A PLAYGROUND IN THE GARDEN: A local, dense Maquise forest was cleaned to be experienced as a “Secret Jungle garden”. An adventure playground is connected to one of the two entrances. There is a “wood gnome” that offers fun for sliding, hiding and climbing as well as playing in the sand.

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A small fruit garden at your property

PANORAMA PAVILION: A pathway with large natural stepping stones leads through to a Mediterranean lawn (very water-wise!) and to the central garden with different Mediterranean herbs and shrubs (rock roses, lavenders etc).

The main pathway weaves through this “Flower Garden”, starting from the house terrace until the “Panorama Pavilion”. This Pavilion stands above the cypress forest and offers nice views into the garden on the one side and to the forest and sea on the other sides. A small retaining rockery is situated just under it.

A RESTING AREA AND FRUIT GARDEN: There is also a small “Historical Garden Square” with a relic of an old resting area for the flocks of sheep. In addition, an old “Gourna” was implemented and a huge plane tree was planted for shade.

The garden also offers a small fruit garden, a rosarium and different forest parts for example at the house entrance. Small rockeries were included in this entrance area with special plants with a high ecological value for example the endemic and very beautiful Ebenus cretica.

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