Recent Landscaping Projects in Crete By Chloroplastes


Our Commercial and Residential portfolios vary in scale, design, functionality and aesthetic. However, despite the size or type of project, we are committed to quality that exceeds expectations. We have successfully completed a full range of landscape projects from large-scale resort properties to private household courtyards and driveways.
Coastal Garden in Crete

Coastal Garden

directly at the shore

Natural Garden Babiana in Crete

Garden Babiana

A natural garden

Cretan Blue

mountain village garden

Terraced Water Garden

with small waterfall

Landscape Garden Villa Alexandria in Crete

Villa Alexandria

landscape garden

Forest Garden Xirosterni Project in Crete

Xirosterni Project

forest garden

Easy to maintain garden

Gravel Garden

Easy to Maintain

Natural Garden

south of crete

Villa Rose Garden portfolio

Villa Rose

Rose garden

Botanical Garden of Monastery Agia Kyriaki and Metamorfoseon

Botanical Garden

Monastery Agia Kyriaki

your garden project in Crete

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