Landscape garden in Crete

Landscape Garden Villa Alexandria

BASICS: A villa on the hilltop facing the bay of Souda deep in local greenery and herbal scents. This garden is located ~ 30-45m above sea level and is just a small walk away from the sea. Each room of the modern villa has a sea view – the sea and the villa became one. (spectacular view). And so did the garden become one with the villa and the surrounding nature.

BUILDING PROCESS: The huge slope of about 6m high was naturally stabilized with special local plants that are deep-rooted into the soil. They make the slope to a very natural feature as if it had always been there. Next to the terrace attractive Mediterranean herbs and shrubs are planted.

Their fragrant scent wraps body and mind in a relaxing pleasant atmosphere and brings a sense of well-being. Pink and white hedges and flowers escort the visitor from the main entrance gate to the house. An area with Mediterranean lawn attracts for relaxation at the pool and a seating area inside the rockery at the high slope invites for Mediterranean summer dreams.

A Mediterranean fruit garden nearby the stepping stone pathway to the sea completes this special garden. High quality LED garden lights put in the garden areas allows to enjoy the garden after sunset on the long summer evenings.

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