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First and foremost, to work at Chloroplasts you need to believe in doing the right thing, always. That combined with a creative attitude, and a strong desire to keep learning and growing is what we looking for in the Chloroplastes team. Sound like you?

Careers at Chloroplastes

Lower patio close to the sea

Are you the architect and or designer we are looking for? Does working in the Mediterranean climate appeal to you? We can offer you wonderful possibilities. Do not hesitate and contact us and send us your application.

You ask yourself….how do I become a project manager in the landscaping business? Well, you came to the right place, we can answer that question for you. We at Chloroplastes are the leading landscaping company in Crete. 

The Chloroplastes company is a fast growing organisation. Please keep your finger on the pulse for the upcoming positions. A regular visit to this webpage could mean the start of a wonderful career in landscaping.

How to stand out

Before you apply to an opportunity, please be sure to have read the job description thoroughly – and match your cv to the required skills. If you’ve  worked in landscaping before, let us know about it!
Don’t hesitate to show us your work. Send us concrete examples of an in progress, or finished project.

Tell us why specifically you want this job and what you think you can do for us. We know we’re pretty great so we want to know what you hope to bring to the table and why. What is it that attracts you to, say, working in Crete and creating garden projects?

Sometimes, we ask concrete questions instead of asking you to write a cover letter. These are like a guide to writing a cover letter, so make sure you answer them carefully and tell us everything that we need to know about you to make a decision.

Contact us by sending an email

Please include all your details and experience so far.

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