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Natural Garden Babiana

BASICS: This plot is a part of a villa complex with traditional new stone houses which were built in the midst of a small cypress forest with views to Souda Bay.

CUSTOMER REQUEST: A special natural garden attached to the remains of a forest.

WORK PERFORMED: The main planning tasks are the harmonic connection of the plots with each other as well as the individual design and integration into the surrounding landscape. It has set a high value on the use of local plants especially at the borders to the forest where this garden is situated.

The forest “grows” partly inside the garden to connect the property with the neighbouring “untouched” nature. The “Sunken Forest Porch” invites for relaxing or small parties. A very special feature in this garden is the “Secret Garden”, a shaded place completely hidden in dense trees.

To enjoy the garden after sunset special LED garden lights are installed. They transform the space into a mystical garden.

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