Flower garden in Crete

The Villa Rose Garden

Background information:  an old garden with some years of very basic maintenance on a low budget. The owner was unhappy with the existing garden and so it was decided to invest in a makeover and a quality maintenance plan.

Reconditioning plan; the planning was made in 2017 and the construction started in 2018. The customer had the following requirements;

  • an entrance drive ending in an entrance area,
  • succulent garden including an olive garden and a fruit garden,
  • pool garden with existing roses (Name: Villa Rose),
  • Mediterranean lawn alternatives and tropical plants and an olive grove

Today the owner enjoys a beautifully designed and well-maintained garden.

Customer Appreciation

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value.

"Chloroplastes designs and redesigns your garden and keeps it well maintained even when you can not be around all the time. Especially if it is your second home, it is nice to arrive knowing that you do not need to weed before relaxing 🙂 They know their plants and help you find the best selection for your garden to have it blossoming or giving fruits just as you prefer!"
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