A Garden Like Never Before

Let’s Beautify Your Garden in Crete Together!

You like to have a new garden or one that needs maintenance? Call us at the number below and tell us all about it.We love working with enthusiastic clients who are passionate about their garden. If that sounds like you, we should talk.

Looking For A Quality Landscaping Company in Crete?

Then you should get in touch with us!.
Chloroplastes offers you any kind of landscaping – we have the solution for your concern.

We from Chloroplastes design, construct and maintain all (types of) free green spaces in the Mediterranean climate conditions. Do you have a hotel garden or private garden in Crete (or Greece in general)? Is it a big natural property? Or do you plan to have a luxury individual plot? Or do you have just a tiny cosy courtyard garden?

Share your project’s goals and any preferences you have such as plant choice, planting bed or patio location, etc… The designer will assess the site and project to determine the scope of work required.

The Chloroplastes team landscapes your property for you!

Are you searching for a gardener in Apokoronas as Kalyves or Vamos or for a gardener in Chania?

Customers choose us because we are a family-owned business that specializes in plants and landscape specific to Crete climate and culture. Either you start creating your garden from scratch, or need a complete renovation.

We are just a phone call away from providing you with advice.

icon about Fertilization


We use environmental friendy products only.

icon about Shrub Planting

Shrub Planting

They are all inline with your geological location.

icon about Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting

Based on need and time of the year.

"Let's Make Your Garden Beautiful And Green!"

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Waste Disposal

We take your waste for propper recycling.

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Certified Experts

All our staff are properly trained and certified.

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Garden Care

With knowledge, dedication and quality.

Why Choose Us

At Chloroplastes we offer a first class service in planning and building your ultimate garden.It is our goal to build your garden with passion, commitment and provide excellent service afterwards. Not sometimes, but always, in every situation with every customer.

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Fastest Work

Knowledge means efficient working.

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High Skills

Our excellent skills are at your disposal.

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Clean Work

A clean working company reveals quality.

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Proper Take Care

We treat your garden as one of our own.

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What Our Clients Say

We can only tell you what we can offer, but we let our your happy customers do the talking about our services!

"I employed Stelios and Annika of Chloroplastes nearly 2 years ago to design and plant my garden. What they have achieved is amazing, its an abundance of colour and maturity in such a short space of time. Thank you Mark."
"Chloroplastes has made our property to an amazing place to be. Their services are excellent and they are looking after our garden in a very proper way.."
FAQ Gardening Chloroplastes Crete
Questions & Answers

You couldn't find what you were looking for in our website"? Perhaps we can answer your question below.

The most difficult question you can ask us. We can praise  ourselves, but we rather let our customer speak. Please read their testimonials and check our portfolio. A happy customer can tell you more than we can do.

Law maintenance is more than just cutting grass.

We inspect your lawn for;

  • its health,
  • combat weeds;
  • check the drainage,

Chloroplastes main staff members are certified. Non certified employees are always supervised by staff members. After on-the-job training and completion, employees are allowed to work alone.

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