Enjoy your garden at the South coast of Crete

A Garden on the South Coast of Crete

Cretan Nature Garden

Basics: A garden on the Cretan South Coast for its beauty, relaxation, aesthetically and property upgrading or just for enjoying living in the Cretan landscape with a plot size of 2’226m2. The plot provides for a spectacular view to the West through the hilly, small-structured cultural landscape until the Libyan sea.

Customer request: Redesign and reshaping from the lawn dominated garden to a natural garden with Mediterranean and native plants that fit into the environment. Shaping the previous flat and wall terraced area with hills and rocks: implementing the environment into the garden.

Work performed: Implementation of some exotic tropical plants next to the pool under the existing old palm trees. Result is a “garden of the seasons” that goes with the Cretan nature, the landscape, the environmental conditions and the seasons.

To keep the garden attractive also during the dry summer months, some Mediterranean plants that are more attractive in summer but require water are on a continuous irrigation.

A seating area with natural seating stones and a sculptural fire pit for the winter months invite the owner to enjoy the outstanding sunset inside the garden.

Planning period: June – September 2019 / Construction: October 2019

Fast motion films were made during the garden construction. Please have a look and see the experts in action. You can find the movies below the photos.

The garden after one year in spring with flowers in bloom

Fast motion films were made during the garden construction

Customer Appreciation

"Dear Mrs. Kyparissi! Thank you for the perfect planning and execution of our garden remodelling! Thanks to the detailed planning documents, we were already able to imagine in the planning phase how our garden will look like later. Their imaginative skills paired with in-depth specialist knowledge have turned the existing monotonous lawn landscape into a tropical and at the same time typical landscape garden. Due to the detailed list of all works and plants, your calculation and your offer were very transparent and comprehensible right from the start. We felt immediately in good hands! The work was then started on schedule and continued quickly without major interruption. That it took 4 weeks anyway, shows the magnitude of the transformation! The coordination with the required external work has worked smoothly. The garden is now ready and we are looking forward to the next spring and the colourful flowers of the many tropical and native plants! Many thanks for everything!"
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