Garden design in Crete

How to plan your garden design in Crete?

There are three ways;

  • hire a professional landscaping company (quality for money),
  • ask a local garden center,
  • or you do it yourself

Hire A Landscaping Company

Hiring a landscaping company is the assurance that your garden ideas and wishes are translated into an outdoor living space and within budget.

Landscape architects are multidisciplinary. They work for; the private sector, public municipalities and land developers. Landscape architects create wonderful outdoor areas. They are educated in flora and fauna, environmental requirements and local regulations.

To put it briefly…’s not the company that comes over to plant some trees and leaves. No!

“Learn from the specialists of how to plan, design and build your garden and outdoor living space”

We keep your budget in mind!

It starts by evaluating the client’s needs and requirements. A landscape architect will work with their client to meet the vision they have for their outdoor space.

No matter how small or big the project, a landscape architect can change a bare piece of land into something beautiful. During these initial meetings with the client, the landscape architect should be able to get a clear idea of what the space will be used for, as well as how it should look.

Clients will also have a budget in mind, and the architect should keep this in mind during the design process.

We have the heavy equipment

After all information is gathered, design plans are drawn up. Detailed drawings that will give a clear view of all the property elements such as; roads, trees, plants and watering systems. But also lighting, wheelchair access and recreational areas.

The landscaping company has all the necessary heavy equipment in place to work efficient. In this case efficient means; within time and budget but also no damage to your plants and trees.

Design your garden drawing

Garden Design

Lighting Plan

A Garden Center

We’re all familiar with the local garden center. It’s the location you buy your plants, flowers, garden tools and sometimes gifts. The employees working there are also multidisciplinary in their own field. Without doing short to the local garden center, we all need to buy our small plants, tools and gifts, but they are in no means landscaping architects.

Solely relaying on the information given by the person selling you the plant or tree, can proof costly. The shop assistant might not have the proper knowledge, neither did he/she visit your property. Needles to say that we can’t expect the shop assistant to have proper knowledge about landscaping.

Both the landscaping company and the garden center have their own discipline and are complementary to each other. In the end it is the customer who decides what’s really needed.


Some garden centers use the title “landscape architecture”.  
Although it’s legally not allowed to use this title, it’s common practice in Crete. Always verify if the owner holds the proper degree and is a registered “landscape architecture” company in Greece.

Developing and building a garden property involves investing your money. We highly recommend you do some background checking before spending your money.

The Chloroplastes architects are certified and registered as Landscaping Architects in Greece.

Do it yourself

Many of our customers have more than average knowledge about gardening. So why not take the challenge and start developing your property. First you draw-up your plan and start filling in where the plants and trees are located. Check if the materials you about to plant go along which the neighboring plants or trees. Also the location of your property is a factor (close to the sea)

Inevitability you need (heavy) tools to move around or plant the heavy stuff. From experience we know that it’s not easy to find rental companies for these tools.

Lets join up and work together

Why not join forces and work together with us. Tell us where we can fit in. As an landscaping specialist we bring in all the necessary knowledge, can bring in the heavy equipment and supply all plants and trees. The goals is; working together to create your outdoor living space.

Should you have any questions left after reading this article than please send us a message. We are more than willing to answer all your questions.

Team Chloroplastes.

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